With cyber-attack cases increasing every day, it is advisable to use a VPN for safe browsing. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN provider's servers. Since all your web traffic is routed through the tunnel, it is hard for hackers to access your data.

There varieties of VPNs in the market but their pricing, speed, level of privacy and advanced features may vary, depending on the provider's target market. Therefore, users should choose their best VPN depending on their needs and their budget. This Hide.me VPN review will help you identify some of the features that make it one of the top VPNs in the market today.


What Is A VPN?

A VPN (virtual private network) is a software that protects internet users from prying eyes by adding an extra layer of anonymity and privacy. A VPN will help you hide your location and internet activity and to overcome online censorship that prevent access to particular sites.

Nowadays, it is advisable for People who regularly use public Wi-Fi to access the internet to invest in a high-quality VPN for a safer connection. A VPN will also allow you to connect to various servers from different parts of the world if you want to enjoy websites that are not available in your country.

While most of the available VPNs will do all the above, it still advisable to choose the best VPN for the best service in terms of speed, privacy, technology and many more. One of the high-quality VPN providers you can trust in terms of cost, performance, privacy, speed and additional features is Hide.me VPN. We have reviewed some of its features to help you make an informed decision.

About Hide.me VPN

Hide.me is a Malaysian-based zero-logs provider well known for its top-notch encryption and feature-rich apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The company, which started in 2012, has millions of users worldwide and more than 75 server locations spread in 47 different countries across five continents. Their total number of servers is more than 1900, spread across major cities in the world.

Hide.me VPN allows users to access most of the geo-restricted streaming services, including Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many more. Other features like speed and security are also satisfactory. Read on to see if Hide.me is the best VPN for your needs.


Hide.me users can choose the free tier or subscribe to their monthly, yearly or bi-yearly plan, depending on their needs. All the options have similar features, but the free tier is limited to 10GB of use monthly, and the users cannot unblock streaming services like Netflix, Zulu and others. Free plan users also have only 5 locations to choose from.

Hide.me monthly plan will cost you $12.95, which is similar to what other providers are charging. However, you can lower the cost by subscribing to the yearly plan at $99.99 or their new 2-year plan that reduces your monthly cost to only $4.99. Additionally, The Company gives its new clients a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the service. Previously, users were limited to 500 Mb data for the testing time, but the limit has now been lifted, allowing users to test the VPN as much as they like.


You can pay for your subscription using your credit or debit cards, PayPal, Wire transfer and transfer. Clients can also use some crypto-currencies if they wish to pay anonymously. Additionally, your payments will be handled by Germany -based Cleverbridge AG on behalf of Hide.me, meaning Hide.me will not store your payment information together with your other information.

Features And Apps

Hide.me offers apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire TV. There are also several Hide.me extensions for browsers like Firefox and Chrome, plus you can install Hide.me onto a compatible router. All the Hide.me apps are easy to use, thanks to their easy to navigate menus. Installation of the apps is also simple as you are only required to create an account on Hide.me to get a username and password and then download the file and install it on your device. Users who experience challenges setting up the Apps can follow the step-by-step guides on their website.


Hide.me is one of the VPNs with the highest privacy level, thanks to its location. Unlike most European and American countries where the law makes it mandatory for VPN providers to store user logs, Malaysia Law does not impose obligations for VPN providers to store user logs. You can learn more about what they can offer when it comes to privacy if you go through their privacy policy. For example, Hide.me say that they do not log any users' personal data to avoid legal liability and ensure their clients' online privacy. They also don't store any log file on their VPN servers. With the increasing surveillance and data retention laws that make it hard to keep online identity protected, the no-logging policy is important as there will be no data available to access.


Hide.me users can choose from several VPN protocols, including Open VPN, IKEv2, PPTP, SSTP and SoftEther. They also follow the latest cryptographic standards to ensure that their servers are always correctly configured for an encrypted and unobstructed flow of data. Hide.me is also the first VPN provider that volunteered itself to be audited by Leon Juran from DefenseCode LTD. The reputed independent security analysts certified that the company does not store any user or log activities.

Additionally, all the apps have a kill switch that stops incoming and outgoing data whenever the VPN tunnel collapses. Users using the Windows, Android and macOS apps can also use the split-tunnelling feature to choose the apps to use the VPN and those that should not.

Speed And Performance

Speed and performance are one of the primary considerations when choosing a VPN provider. Most people are concerned about a VPN's impact on their internet speed since a VPN adds more hoops that web traffic has to jump. While it is hard to determine the actual performance and speed of a VPN due to the numerous variables that affect the results, our tests showed that this Hide.me's claim that they are the fastest VPN is valid.


Customer Service

Hide.me offers customer support through several platforms like 24/7 live chat support, email, Facebook messaging, and a contact form. Their live chat support replied to our queries within minutes and seemed very knowledgeable. Customers can also get help from their active online community with over 11000 members.


Final Thoughts

While their premium service subscription cost is higher than that of competitors, we found Hide.me to be an easy to use VPN with top-class security and privacy features. Their speed is also enough for anything you wish to do online. The fact that users can connect to 10 devices simultaneously adds to the service's ability to give users value for their money. Most users may prefer a cheaper choice but Hide.me is the best VPN for users who want additional privacy features and the ability to stream content from different parts of the world.


    Great for streaming, torrenting, and gaming Private DNS and a VPN chaining mechanism Features AES-256 encryption, split-tunneling Kill switch Allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices to an account

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