Best VPN For Firefox [2021]

We decided to look for the best VPN for Firefox, so you don’t have to. Read on to find out what your options are and stay secure while online surfing.

The fact that most websites you visit track and monitor your online activity is relatively well-known. Your browser’s role in all of this is also quite apparent: they aid the tracking by providing information about you to advertisers and websites you visit. This information is varied and includes your IP address or specific things you search for on the web.

Firefox is no different, and you need to learn how to protect yourself in order to use it safely. Luckily, the best VPN for Firefox can help you do just that.

A good VPN can protect your data and online activity and keep you secure from anyone who might want your info. To that end, we decided to look for the best VPN for Firefox, so you don’t have to.  Read on to find out what your options are and ensure you stay secure while online surfing.


What The Best VPN For Firefox Needs To Have

Today’s VPN market offers a bewildering amount of options. That can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you don’t know anything about the matter. So before we dive into the list of the best VPNs, we will give you a summary of the criteria we used when choosing them. 

Mozilla Firefox is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Thus, a VPN for the browser should be equally simple yet effective. Setting up the VPN extension and using it should be effortless for everyone, no matter how tech-savvy you are. 

Then, the VPN you pick should offer you a high level of security by encrypting all your data and protecting your activity. That is especially the case when it comes to high-risk online activity that involves your personal data. 

Finally, a great VPN also needs to be fast, especially if you want to use streaming sites such as Netflix. Great speed will ensure you have a good streaming experience, no buffering, and excellent picture quality.

The Best VPN For Firefox In 2021: Our Picks


The first entry of our list is ExpressVPN and if you want you can check the ExpressVPN review directly. It offers a full-featured VPN extension for Firefox. However, it isn’t a stand-alone plugin, as most VPN add-ons are. For ExpressVPN to work, you need to install the Express VPN app. That will allow you to tinker with the app’s settings and control how the VPN works right from the Firefox toolbar. 

This VPN extension offers you lightning-fast speed and unlimited bandwidth, meaning that streaming content will be easier than ever. It also has an unparalleled ability to swiftly unblock any streaming service out there, from Netflix and Hulu to BBC Player and Amazon Prime. 

ExpressVPN is also famous for the top-notch security it provides all its users with. The 256-bit encryption will ensure your info and data stay truly private, no matter which site you visit. In addition, this VPN has a strict no-logs policy, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. 

However, this add-on will not just protect your browser traffic but all traffic in your network. It will set you HTML5 geolocation to match the location and IP address of the server you are connected to. That way, Firefox will not be able to access your actual IP address or location and reveal it to any website you visit. 

The only downside of this VPN is its price and the fact that you need a paid subscription to access its features. However, you can save some money and get a good bargain if you opt for their annual plan, as they offer a 35% discount. With this plan, the first three months are free, and you have the option to get your money back after thirty days if you are not satisfied. 


    94 countries all over the world On every device 24 hour live chat support Perfect for streaming Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc Perfect for gaming

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Another excellent candidate for the best VPN for Firefox is NordVPN. As opposed to our first pick, you don’t need to install the NordVPN app for this extension to work. The add-on is lightweight and will not slow down your connection at all. That makes it the best option for torrenting and gaming or any other activities that require high speed.

The extension is easy to use, as the UI is relatively intuitive and clear. NordVPN encrypts your Firefox data fully, but it doesn’t protect your network activity as ExpressVPN does. That point aside, it offers many servers you can connect to and enjoy fast streaming.

Security-wise, this extension will protect your IP address from the sites you visit, and it will also allow you to block annoying ads. Additionally, it is a great option when it comes to your budget. It will cost you $3.71 per month on a two-year plan. If you are dissatisfied with it, you can get your money back in the first thirty days of your purchase. 


    Amazing speed, great for gaming and streaming Allows you to connect six devices to an account 30-day money-back guarantee Gets around geo-blocks in restricted locations with ease

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Its extensive array of features and excellent security options make Surfshark a great VPN for Firefox. This VPN protects all your Firefox traffic, and it includes a kill switch as well as DNS leak protection. 

If we consider the fact that this VPN is relatively new on the market, its popularity and number of satisfied users speak volumes. Its 3,200 servers allow you to pick any of 65 countries as your location, giving you many options to bypass geo-blocking. Services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and BBC Player will no longer be inaccessible with this VPN.

Aside from the general encryption features, this add-on will give you many advanced privacy tools. These include CleanWeb, a reliable and excellent ad and tracker blocker that will ensure you don’t have to deal with pesky ads. The Multihop feature helps you mask your online footprint by allowing you to connect via multiple servers.

Finally, Surfshark is the most affordable choice on our list. You will have to pay only $2.49 a month on the two-year plan. This plan will give you access to all the features we mentioned, as well as the possibility to protect multiple devices.


    Great for streaming, torrenting, and gaming Private DNS and a VPN chaining mechanism Features AES-256 encryption, split-tunneling Kill switch Allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices to an account

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If you are looking for the best free VPN for Firefox, this is the best choice. With thousands of servers in over 62 countries, Windscribe offers you plenty of options to unblock any geo-restricted sites and content. The free plan offers you 2GB of data, which is more than enough for ordinary surfing.  

However, if you want to game or stream movies, you will need a bit more than that. Luckily, the paid plan is highly affordable, starting at $4.08 per month for all of its features. If you just want to stream content or binge your favorite shows, you can get the Windflix server option for just $1 per month and enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

Privacy-wise, this VPN extension is also a good choice. It employs various tools to protect you from hackers or anyone who wants to access your information. With the help of these tools, your IP address and location will remain fully protected at all times.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

The last stop on our journey to finding the best VPN for Firefox is Private Internet Access. The PIA Firefox extension is excellent for unblocking all restricted content. Though it doesn’t have the same privacy options as NordVPN or ExpressVPN, it is still a great and affordable choice. Besides, it does an excellent job at spoofing your location. 

What we like most about this extension is the vast network of servers it offers. These will make hiding your location and masking your IP address seem effortless, allowing you to access any restricted sites. 

Like every other VPN on this list, PIA comes with a website URL allowlist and standard WebRTC leak protection. However, what separates it from the competition is the excellent fingerprint protection feature.

Put simply, this feature manipulates all your browser AP results, which masks your device’s “fingerprint”. In this context, fingerprint refers to your device’s unique attributes such as timezone or language. PIA prevents any advertisers or sites from identifying you in the sea of other internet users by masking these features. Thus, it makes you practically invisible. 

Finally, this VPN is also relatively wallet-friendly. Its two-year plan starts at $2.9 per month, making it one of the most affordable choices on the market. You also get the first two months free and a guarantee to get your money within 30 days if you want to. This VPN has an excellent quality to price ratio, but you should keep in mind that the privacy features it offers are not as advanced as those of our other picks.


    Great for streaming, torrenting, and gaming Private DNS and a VPN chaining mechanism Features AES-256 encryption, split-tunneling Kill switch Allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices to an account

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A Few Parting Words

In today’s day and age, protecting your IP address and overall online activity is a must. VPNs are a perfect way to do that, as they mask your location, encrypt your data, and keep your IP address secure and private. 

Finding a perfect VPN extension is no easy feat, regardless of which browser you use. We hope that our list and tips help you find the best VPN for Firefox and that you manage to remain safe and protected at all times. Good luck. 

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